As I type this post, I am sitting in a very comfy chair at the public library in the teen section. Surrounding me are middle schoolers and their babysitter. The middle schoolers (minus the one reading a fashion magazine) are complaining about how boring reading is. Their babysitter is threatening them about how they’re not going to leave until they’ve read for fifteen minutes. I’m going crazy inside.

I swear, I want to kidnap these kids and somehow force them to read a good book! How is it that kids now will complain about how boring their lives are, how they want an adventure like the people in the movies, and never pick up a good book? Some of my best friends are books or the people in them. That’s why I need a new bookshelf.

I’m so tired of kids complaining that there’s nothing to do when there are public libraries filled to the brim with amazing books. Books have shaped my worldview, my imagination, my hopes and dreams. I mourn for the generation that refuses to read.

And I’m also tired of being surrounded by middle schoolers.