Think about how much money you spend on a regular basis, just on basic things–on food, clothes, personal care products, and other pseudo-necessities. What if you could contribute to justice through these products you already buy all the time? Basically, without even changing much that you do? Check out the companies below and see how you can change your everyday purchases for justice. I was going to write a paragraph on each of them, but there are so many awesome companies with awesome causes, just click the links and see for yourselves!

Personal Care

You need soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, or body wash – Soapbox
You need soap, salt scrub, lip balm, or candles – Hand in Hand
You need a toothbrush – Smile Squared


You need gum or mints – Project 7
You need water bottles – Faucet Face
You need snack bars – 2 Degrees Food
You need peanut butter – Good Spread
You need bottled water – People Water


You need shoes – Toms
You need glasses – Warby Parker
You need scrubs – Figs
You need socks or accessories – Out of PrintMitscoots
You need hats, scarves, or gloves – Twice as Warm
You need baby clothes – Baby Teresa
You need a watch – We Wood
You need towels – Sand Cloud Towels
You need graphic tees – SevenlyOut of PrintMitscoots
You need jewelry – Purpose Jewelry, Pura Vida Bracelets, WeWOOD
You need rain/snow boots – Roma Boots

Home Supplies

You need a book – Better World Books
You need (fun) office supplies – Yoobi
You need a comforter – The Company Store
You need dog food – BOGO Bowl
You need a soccer ball – One World Play Project
You need throws, pillow covers, bed covers, or bags – Sari Bari

You need anything else – go to Amazon Smile, and Amazon will donate .5% of your qualifying purchase to a charity you choose.


  • Today: take out your credit card statement (or whatever means you have of tracking your spending) and figure out what you spend money on the most often. Where are your resources going?
  • This week: replace some of your ordinary spending with spending on the charitable companies above. How can you make a difference with what you’re already spending?
  • This year: keep it up! Stay conscious of where your money is going and adjust accordingly. Research more charitable companies and send them my way! It gets addicting!

I plan on updating this list as I go and keeping it as an ongoing reference page. What did I miss? What companies would you add?