I’m sitting on my very early morning train out of Washington, DC, first to Philadelphia, and eventually to Atlantic City. It’s my first train trip since the time I took the train with my Uncle Dave out to his old place in Glenwood Springs–I don’t remember very much of that trip. Just that the scenery was beautiful and the trip was long.

This trip will be much shorter. My train to Philly is only about two hours long, and the train after that an hour and a half. I have a little over half an hour in the Philly station, and Toni told me to be sure to check out the statue of the angel in the station.

I’m typing this on my new iPad, and I’m still getting used to the keyboard. I wasn’t going to bring it because I don’t have the case yet, but my backpack is padded enough and this makes for some more interesting time traveling. And they have free wifi on the train, which is nice. Maybe I’ll even catch up on some of the blogging I’ve been meaning to do.

I have a lot to write about, too–let’s just saying being on Capitol Hill for two groundbreaking Supreme Court cases, a groundbreaking immigration bill (that my senator helped write), the Egyptian coup, the ongoing Snowden/NSA story, the death of the farm bill, Fourth of July, et al has made for a pretty interesting so far. That’s not even mentioning most of my internship itself.

I finished up in the senate on Wednesday, which was sad because I loved that office and really had a blast with them. I keep telling the four interns who are sticking around that I’m going to come over and bug them some days at lunch.

I start a new internship and a new adventure next Wednesday–I’ll be in Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s office for the remainder of the summer. I’m starting out at three days a week because they have more interns than they have space, but I’ll probably be there mor when the other interns start leaving since I’m sticking around so long.

The good news about that three-day-a-week thing? I’ll actually have time to write! Rather than looking at those two days as days off, I’m looking at them as days where I get to be a full-time writer. I even made up a schedule for myself. It includes lots of writing, two hours of reading (because you must be a reader to be a writer), brainstorming time, etc. I also found this really cool free app that will let you set different time limits for a list of tasks and automatically move between them and notify you as the time expires to keep you focused. It’s called 30/30, if anyone’s interested.

The seat next to me is unoccupied for now, which is fabulous, though we’ve only made one stop so far. Plenty of room, free wifi, an outlet next to my seat–I’m happy as a clam.

That’s it for this installment, though I might try to catch up on my backlog during the ride. Ta-ta for now! Also, give me a holler if you want to hear about anything particular from this summer (or in general). Always happy to give some insight, 😉