I was on Pinterest the other day (so wonderful!) and, I think for the first time, finally pinned something on my pinboard called “Dream Home.” I’m aware that it’s a little early to think about that, but it’s fun to contemplate the kinds of things I’ll want in my home and what I’ll want it to be like.

I want a piano. I’ll start with the piano I have now, but eventually, I want a baby grand and a big, airy room to put it on. I want just enough free time to be able to play it a little every day and fill the house with music. I want to be in a place where, when my friends come over, their little kids can run and reach up and play nonsense on the keys.

I also want a library. It doesn’t have to come in the house; I can take care of this part. It just has to be a room or part of a room with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with books, all of which my husband or I have either read or plan to read. There will be some cozy places to read and some old-fashioned lamps throwing warm light. Maybe there will beautiful book quotes on the walls. The books might be organized in alphabetical order by author, or they might be ordered haphazardly to facilitate the serendipitous stumbling upon of long-forgotten books.

My house should be open enough that smells from the kitchen can spread throughout the house and that sunlight and moonlight permeate everything. It should be large enough that I can have dinner parties and get-togethers and holidays with friends and families. It will have a yard large enough for playing in.

The most important part, or at least a symbol of the most important part, is that it must have a cozy, clean, well-furnished guest room. One of my spiritual gifts is hospitality. I love entertaining guests. I want to have a home where people know that guests are not only welcome, but treasured. I want my house to be a safe and welcoming place for friends, travelers, and even strangers. I want to have an open door and a home full of warmth, laughter, love, and acceptance. I want my house to be the place where people gather, the place where people feel safe and loved.