Hey, everyone! Don’t have time for a real long post tonight, but I wanted to let you all know what was up this week. This morning, I went to a citizens’ training and a Hill rally with a grassroots group called No Labels, who are pretty dang awesome. I’ll tell you a little more about them in a future post. Basically, they’re a movement dedicated to working across party lines to solve problems in Washington that affect all of America. You should probably check them out.

This evening, I got to hang out with my lovely cousins, grabbing Ray’s Hellburger and galavanting around the monuments for a while. It was fabulous to see them, and I’ll hang out with them some more tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, I get to see not only Steelers Chairman former Ambassador Dan Rooney, but also the amazing Stephen Colbert!!! That is, if I can manage to get a seat.

Well, it’s time to go recover from this big day and get ready for the next. Good night from Arlington!