Imagine, just for a minute, that you lived without fear. Not incapable of fear in a world where fear was necessary—we’re not talking a creepy sci-fi story or anything. Imagine, instead, that you could make decisions without relying on fear.

Have you ever thought about how much of our lives we base around fear? It seems like most of our decisions are based on what we fear rather than what we want. Sometimes, we choose to go to school not because we want an education, but because we fear the consequences of not going. We choose not to submit that entry or audition for that show or reveal our feelings not because we don’t want to, but because we fear rejection.

Sometimes it seems like our whole culture is based on fear. Advertisers capitalize on it. Politicians manipulate it. The media highlights it. And, to be sure, fear is powerful incentive. If you’re afraid of STDs, maybe you won’t have sex. If you’re afraid of being ugly, maybe you’ll buy that product. If you’re afraid of the economic recession, maybe you’ll elect that politician.

But what if all that fear was unnecessary? What if we could choose to live, instead of to hide? What if our decisions were made based on our hopes and dreams, instead of based on fear? 

Just imagine. What could possibly stop us?