I’ve come to the end of my first day in DC–or Arlington, to be more accurate. According to my iPhone, I walked 13,077 steps today, or 6.1 miles, my all-time record. We spent the day galavanting around Arlington, eating brunch, getting juice, eating Thai food, disassembling a desk, seeing Star Trek, and did I mention walking? It was lots of fun.

Here’s a picture of what was on my gate’s window that I tried to post from the airport last night before my flight:


Let’s hope Dr. Seuss was right. And here’s a picture of the Iwo Jima memorial, which we walked by today:


I still feel pretty dang lost around here, but I have Google maps and a very helpful housemate to guide the way. I’m trying out a church in the morning in Georgetown, so hopefully that will be good. And then, Monday, I finally start working! I’ll try to blog as much as I can–I promised my mom I’d try and blog and least three times a week (hi Mom!).

That’s all for now! Time to go get some sleep and be ready for another day of semi-frantic adventuring. Wooooo!