You are not here
To tell me why
To make me laugh
Or make me cry.
There is far, 
My heart is near:
Can you wander
There to here?

You are not here
To take my hand
To lead me on
And help me stand.
When weakness finally
Makes me fall,
How to get up
I’ll not recall.

You are not here
For me to tell
That leaving you,
I’ve left myself.
All alone
I cannot stay:
To you I gave
My heart away.

You are not here
To make me feel
That I exist 
That I am real
Without your touch
I start to blur
Of what I am 
No longer sure

You are not here
to really see
the others all
look right through me
I can feel it
fading fast
I’m half transparent
will I last?

you are not here
to shine your light
that always helped me
to burn bright
i’m all alone
i’m growing dim

the      words             diffuse

the dark         sets                in