I’ve been correcting people’s grammar and punctuation pretty much as long as I can remember, and writing stories even longer. From helping freshmen learn how to write research papers to technical editing a legal journal to workshopping novels of all shapes, sizes, and genres, I love helping people make their writing shine.

Plus, I’m a Harvard-trained lawyer, so I have an eye for detail and could probably beat you in an argument over the Oxford comma (yes, always).

I spent two years as part of the Harvard Law School Parody writers’ room and am an alumna of comedy-writing classes at Script Anatomy and the Sketch School. I received a creative writing minor from Carnegie Mellon University in 2015 and graduated from Harvard Law School in 2019. No, I will not give you legal advice, but I can teach you the correct usage of the word “alumna.”


Hi there, I’m Chloe


I’m also a past member of Highlands Ranch Fiction Writers, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Northern Colorado Writers, and Pikes Peak Writers. I received a minor in creative writing from Carnegie Mellon University, and my novel Go received second place in Pikes Peak Writers’ Zebulon Novel Contest in 2015.

I’m passionate about writing that captivates you and sweeps you into another world. Drop me a line, or check out my editing services.