I got to check off another item on my “101 things in 1001 days” list today: I left a ridiculous tip, which I defined as at least 50%. Layla and I went to Gunther Toodie’s today, and our waiter was kinda cute and made Layla stumble over her words a little. It was adorable. (And if she gets mad about me posting this, I can tell plenty of similar stories about myself.) Anyway, I really needed to get another item done, and I wanted to do this one before the holidays were completely over, so I gave him a $24 tip on our $24 check and wrote “happy holidays!” underneath. It was fun.

There was also another item I checked off a little more than a week ago, but I couldn’t put it up here because it was a surprise: I made a photo book for my parents for Christmas, full of poetry and photos and scenes and such from me and Layla. It turned out wonderfully, and I had a ball making it. It was a hit with the family, which was fun.

I’m in the midst of several of the other items as well. With this post, I believe I’m on my second week of blogging every week for a year (impressive, right?). I’m reading The Christian Atheist as my 7th book of 100 and Blue Like Jazz as both my 8th book and my 3rd in terms of books I own that I haven’t read yet. Today was day 6 of 30 of getting up to my alarm for a month. I’ve decided I’ll do my technology fast the weekend of the church retreat, which only makes sense. 

That’s about it as far as the update. I saw Perks of Being a Wallflower tonight with two of my best friends, and it was the second movie to ever make me really cry. I just feel like an incredibly blessed human being right now. I’m a little overwhelmed.