Twenty minutes before it’s officially next week, here’s my post for the week. If you’re wondering what I mean, part of my 101 things in 1001 days project includes posting on my blog at least once a week for a whole year. Another thing on there I committed to was blogging about the list. I’ll try not to use that to cop out of other posts, though.

Went to a Pirates game today, something else on my list. It was a ton of fun, but unfortunately, the Pirates got their butts kicked. Still enjoyed it, though. The weather was awesome, I was with some pretty great people (despite the Yankees trolling—geesh, they weren’t even playing today), and it was just pretty great. First time to PNC Park, and I had a fabulous time.

Also, quick note on something else: two weeks ago, I started a crazy class called Elementary Chinese I. I have my first test tomorrow. I might die.